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Serving These Industries:
- Cosmetics
- Food Processing
- Wine & Beverages


Fast and Accurate Capping and Filling Machines from Filling Equipment Company

Thank you for visiting Filling Equipment Company, Inc., home of some of the most widely-used fillers and cappers in the industry.


We specialize in the design, sale, and repair of filling machines, as well as cappers, used in bottling food, drinks, spreads, chemicals, and cosmetics. Since 1959, Filling Equipment Company has been serving factories in different industries with quality filling and capping machines to help them meet bigger production demands. Manufacturers consider a filling machine their best friend when it comes to the growth and success of their business.


With over 50 years of experience crafting capping and liquid filling machines, Filling Equipment Company will be by your side when you need to meet or increase production demands. The advent of automation brought about significant changes in the way products are made in factories. Machines greatly increased plants’ and factories’ output, making mass production without increasing labor and overhead costs possible.


Types of Filling Machines

Whether you’re bottling water or peanut butter, or you’re looking for a speedy or low-cost filler, we have the filling machine that can do the job. When creating our machines, we take into account the various shapes and sizes of the containers, bottles and caps used in the production line, as well as your need for efficient means of bottling and capping. That’s why we design and create various types of fillers and cappers that will meet your specific requirements.


We have the basic straight-line liquid packaging machine ideal for small-scale manufacturers and factories. If you want a significant increase in output, consider our rotary fillers and their outstanding accuracy and rate of production. For products with a thick consistency such as spreads and pastes, you can rely on our jar filling machines or piston fillers and their powerful pneumatic or electromechanical pistons.


Who Uses Our Products?

Filling Equipment Company has a varied set of clients from the food processing and wine and beverage industries. Our fillers and cappers ensure high output for brands that are in high demand in the market. We also serve the cosmetics market where manufacturers use our cosmetic filling equipment to accurately fill containers with lotion, shampoo, nail polish, and so on.


Pharmaceutical companies also benefit from our fillers, namely in bottling their formulated multivitamins, eye drops, mouthwashes, and other types of medicine. We also provide fillers and cappers for makers of household and industrial chemicals, whose work environment requires a filler that handles the agents with the utmost care.


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