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4 Sep, 2013

Beer Sales at a College Stadium Set to Drive Filling Machine Demand


For most college football fans, a tailgate party is the only way they can enjoy a bottle or a can of beer. This is because colleges and universities prohibit the sale of beer in their stadiums. However, as reported last year, this case is no longer true at West Virginia University (WVU). Last year, the university finally allowed the sale of alcohol within the stadium so avid spectators can down as much beer as they like while enjoying a game or two—provided they are of legal drinking age, of course.

The change in WVU’s beer policy actually began as an experiment by Stephen J. Dubner. Dubner noticed that footballs fans usually had to troop out of the stadium during half time to grab a drink with their buddies. With the policy change, beer manufacturers in West Virginia can expect product demand to increase, and will accordingly need to boost their production by investing in a quality filling machine from reputable companies like Filling Equipment Co., Inc.

For the first year of implementation, reports that WVU managed to generate $500,000 in beer sales. This figure likely to grow over the next years as the number of college football fans increases. This means that WVU had better stock up on more beer during football games, while beer makers or suppliers must double or maybe even triple their production output to meet the increased demand. In this regard, highly efficient liquid filling machines will no doubt prove indispensable.

Meanwhile, WVU athletic director Oliver Luck also says that the change will allow them to gain control over football spectators’ drinking habits. Apparently, under the old policy, underage drinking was actually more prevalent, which meant more trouble in and out of the stadium. With the new policy in effect, people can enjoy a game or two without leaving the stadium at all. Yet with easy access to alcohol comes more demand, something that alcohol manufacturers must be prepared to meet. also reports that the University of Minnesota is set to follow in WVU’s footsteps. More universities are likely to move toward the same direction over the next few years, and this means beer manufacturers may have to work overtime just to meet the growing demand for beer. Luckily, quality filling machines from companies like Filling Equipment Co., can make it easier to boost production.

For many Americans, beer and football simply go together. However, this is not the case for some college football fans wherever the sale of alcohol is not allowed inside the stadium. With the precedent set by WVU, footballs fans can indulge in their favorite beverage without unnecessary inconvenience.

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