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9 Aug, 2019

Here Are a Few Reasons Why Your Company Would Need Filling Equipment

Filling equipment is needed for any business that makes liquid products that are transferred into bottles, cans, or canisters. A rotary filling machine uses a special wheel that will position each canister or bottle below the fill nozzle. These machines move your canisters or bottles down the line so that they can be capped or closed, and your staff can box everything easily.

How Large Are These Machines?

You can get rotary filling machines that will be just small enough for your winery or small distilling business. You might need to get a machine that will handle many thousands of fillings a day, or you could get a stand-alone unit that you can use in a room of your facility. These machines help you get your products ready for market very quickly, and the machines do not use much power because they have few moving parts.

How Do You Purchase Filling Machines?

Filling machines can be purchased online in a catalog that dramatically reduces prices for you. You should look at how big the machines are, how much they cost, and how many bottles they can fill in one day. Plus, you can use large machines to expand your business because you have many more orders to fill.


You can order parts for your machines at any time, and these parts are made in the same factory where the machines are built. You can use these parts to complete the repairs yourself, or you could buy the parts because you have a repairman coming to you. Plus, you could have a stash of parts held back so that your staff can access them at any time.

Contact us for more information about the and the parts we carry for it. Professionals are available to assist you in placing your first order for a machine that will help your business grow.

2 Apr, 2019

Dependable Filling Machines

Filling machines allow your company to fill products at a faster rate of speed. They also reduce messes, product loss and contamination. Our rotary filling machine may be exactly what you need when you need to expand production, order fulfillment and worker productivity. Our machines take up less space than linear machines, which may allow you to have more of them in the same amount of space.

Another advantage of our rotary machines for filling is that their controls are on the top. This means that you can make adjustments to the specifications without having to get in the splash zone. All of our products are manufactured from stainless steel, which ensures a long lifespan and durability. Stainless steel is also easy to keep clean. It resists rust and corrosion, which is critical if the liquids dispensed by the machine are acidic or alkaline.

When you choose our machines for rotary filling, you can pick from six available frame sizes. This allows you to get the right fit and capacity for your facility. With conveyors of 12 feet or more, you can get more products filled in less time. Our machines are safe to operate and maintain. All controls are computerized, and filling is automatic once you set the specifications. The color touchscreens make it easy to select the speed, fill level and other properties. With a variable speed drive, you can use this machine for different sizes and styles of containers.

Our rotary filling machine could make your business more efficient and productive. To learn more about our products and how they work, give us at Filling Equipment Co., Inc. a call today. You may also visit us online at for product specifications and additional details about how and what you can use them for in your facility.