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19 Mar, 2018

How Liquid Packaging Machine Makers Can Support the Growth of the Healthy Beverage Market

Donna Berry reported on that there has been an increasing demand for healthy beverages, as more and more health-conscious consumers choose them over sugary drinks with high calorie content. Ms. Berry interviewed Kim Jage of the Healthy Beverage Expo, who said that beverage makers are in the midst of coming up with new, healthier ingredients with which to attract the growing market. Producers are also developing various packaging options that would appeal to the different segments of the healthy beverage market.

On the CuspFilling machines are, and will continue to be, an integral part of beverage packaging. As the beverage industry goes through all sorts of consumer trends over the course of decades, what has not changed is the need for an accurate and efficient liquid packaging machine such as those manufactured by Filling Equipment Co., Inc. Reliable manufacturers of filling equipment have also been continually improving the efficiency of their machines to keep up with the demands of the market.

Manufacturers of healthy beverages might agree on water continuing to be the main ingredient of their products; but the race is certainly on to find the right health additives that will best appeal to their consumers. Currently these additives include whey protein, carrot powder, and green tea extract. Manufacturers are aware that whatever ingredient they use must contain all the beneficial vitamins and micronutrients that consumers are looking for.

Health beverage manufacturers are also looking into how packaging will appeal to their target market. They believe the aging baby boomer market will appreciate the lighter-weight Tetra Brik carton packaging with a screw cap which requires little force to open. The millennial market, or those between the ages of 19 and 32, are seen to be the biggest segment of the healthy beverage market. They are also acknowledged to be the most difficult to please; as they demand transparency and integrity in the products they purchase.

Several packaging designs have been developed for healthy beverage products to please the millennials. These designs consider functionality, attractiveness, and even how green the packaging is declared to be. Bottle filling equipment and jar filling machines thus have to be flexible and versatile to function with these various container shapes, sizes, and materials.

As the healthy beverage market continues to grow, the competition among manufacturers will likely continue to be fierce. Each one will want to come up with the right products, strategies, and materials to lure consumers to their brands. Filling machine makers such as Filling Equipment Co., Inc, are expected to keep up with the growing demand, supplying effective equipment as needed by these beverage makers.

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