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19 Mar, 2018

How Reliable Bottle Filling Equipment and Human Imagination Can Work Together to Create Technological Magic

One of the most iconic brands and products in the world, the soft drink Coca-Cola, or simply Coke, has yet again captured everyone’s attention with innovative and groundbreaking packaging: bottles literally made of ice. Rick Lingle reported on that the newest version of the famous Coke bottle has been making waves among consumers on the beaches of Colombia, where they are being sold on a special edition basis, as well as among those in the advertising and packaging industries. Teams working for the brand have developed a special process to come up with the frozen bottles: micro-filtered water is poured into silicone molds, frozen, then filled with Coke.

Ice ColdThe making of Coke in frozen bottles uses the time-tested technology that has served the food and beverage industry for a very long time: reliable bottle filling equipment. With the evolution of product packaging through the decades, bottle filling equipment has kept up through various innovations that have improved their efficiency and functionality. As in any other industry, only filling companies with the vision and capability to improve their products, such as Filling Equipment Co. Inc., have survived and thrived through the many changes that consumer products have undergone over the years.

Food companies that need such machinery can choose from among the various designs developed by filling equipment makers. These machines may be operated manually or automatically, and are engineered to function with a variety of container shapes, sizes, and materials. In the case of the frozen Coke bottles, specialized machinery needed to be developed to mold the bottles, themselves, before they were filled with the product.

The market for bottled food and beverage products has dramatically risen in the last century, and continues to do so. Hence, filling machine makers continue to refine their products, and develop new ones to meet the need for better speed and accuracy. An effective water bottle filling machine is one that allows manufactures to meet their production quotas and comply with strict quality requirements.

Safety and sanitation are paramount considerations in the food and beverage industry. Every piece of equipment and machinery used has to meet established standards to avoid product contamination. Filling equipment from reputable makers such as Filling Equipment Co. Inc. have been designed to meet these stringent standards.

Critics of the frozen Coke bottles have expressed concern over the bottles’ potential sanitation issues, not because of the machines or processes involved, but because of the material itself. Unlike in glass bottles, contaminants could seep through the ice bottles and eventually reach the beverage. While these concerns may have some foundation, the new frozen Coke bottles demonstrate yet again that the combination of human imagination and the power of technology can result in the most amazing products.

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