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15 Nov, 2019

4 Things to Ask Before Buying a Filling Machine in the United States

Buying the right piston filling machine can be a challenge if you’re not sure about what you’re doing. There are lots of options available and that makes it pretty difficult to choose one that is going to serve your business the best. Here are four things that you should ask before purchasing Piston filling machines:

1. What Items Are You Going to Be Filling?

Some fillers are designed to fill specific containers, depending on what those containers are going to hold. For example, some fillers are designed for containers that store dry things like pills and certain powders, while others are best for containers that will hold liquids. With that being said, make sure that your product or item is going to be able to collaborate with the filling machine efficiently.

2. Are You Using Carbonated Products?

Carbonated products like soda need a special type of filling machine along with a special type of filling technique. If this is the route you’re going, make sure that you find a machine that’s going to fit the size of the bottle and do everything the product needs it to do.

3. What Is the Shape of the Container?

This is another important tip that most people tend to overlook. Think about the size of the actual containers that the machine is going to fill. This is important because some machines work a certain way depending on the sizing of the product. For example, filling machines that work with bottles tend to grab them from the top, while other containers of different shapes are going to be grabbed from the sides.

4. What Is the Production Rate?

Your filing machine’s efficiency depends on how much of a workload it’s going to handle. When thinking about this question, it’s important to think about what production is like now and how you think it will be in the future once your business grows. Depending on your rate, it may or may not be necessary to upgrade your machinery.

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