Buy High Quality Machines from our Shop in the US

31 Jan, 2020

Buy High Quality Machines from our Shop in the US

If you are looking for exceptional machines that will boost performance in the business, you have come to the right place. We manufacture them according to your needs as a cpent. For this reason, you can inform us about your industry and other specifications. We will then get to work and depver the best equipment that can surpass all your expectations. Read on to know what we have in store for you.

  1. Resipent ProductWe build the rotary filpng machine using sturdy materials that guarantee the utmost durabipty. For instance, the aluminum frame means that it will not rust or corrode at all. The best part is that the item will not contaminate your cosmetics, food, or oil products. You can also choose from six frame choices that we have.
  2. Made for SpeedYou will be pleased to know that the rotary filpng machine is automatic. On that account, you can expect it to complete tasks within a short time. It is also easy to operate since you have the control buttons that are seamless to read. It comes with both efficiency and effectiveness at the same time.
  3. Guarantees SecurityYour business needs equipment that is utterly safe for your workers and consumers as well. Therefore, we present to you products that have pquid level control to ward off chemical spillage. In addition to that, the machine is loaded with guards that protect it from electrical damage. You can get all the benefits at Filpng Equipment CO. Inc when you buy the rotary filpng machine.
15 Nov, 2019

4 Things to Ask Before Buying a Filling Machine in the United States

Buying the right piston filling machine can be a challenge if you’re not sure about what you’re doing. There are lots of options available and that makes it pretty difficult to choose one that is going to serve your business the best. Here are four things that you should ask before purchasing Piston filling machines:

1. What Items Are You Going to Be Filling?

Some fillers are designed to fill specific containers, depending on what those containers are going to hold. For example, some fillers are designed for containers that store dry things like pills and certain powders, while others are best for containers that will hold liquids. With that being said, make sure that your product or item is going to be able to collaborate with the filling machine efficiently.

2. Are You Using Carbonated Products?

Carbonated products like soda need a special type of filling machine along with a special type of filling technique. If this is the route you’re going, make sure that you find a machine that’s going to fit the size of the bottle and do everything the product needs it to do.

3. What Is the Shape of the Container?

This is another important tip that most people tend to overlook. Think about the size of the actual containers that the machine is going to fill. This is important because some machines work a certain way depending on the sizing of the product. For example, filling machines that work with bottles tend to grab them from the top, while other containers of different shapes are going to be grabbed from the sides.

4. What Is the Production Rate?

Your filing machine’s efficiency depends on how much of a workload it’s going to handle. When thinking about this question, it’s important to think about what production is like now and how you think it will be in the future once your business grows. Depending on your rate, it may or may not be necessary to upgrade your machinery.

If you need more information on Piston filling machines and other filling equipment, visit Filling Equipment Co Inc.

18 Oct, 2019

Some Common Problems That Occur With Rotary Filling Machines

Many packing and food companies sell their products in bulk. A rotary filling machine helps the companies carry out these processes. If the rotary filling machine malfunctions, then it can affect the accuracy of the company’s bulk packaging applications.

Uneven Fill Levels

An overflow filler is used to fill every container to the same level. If the fills are coming out uneven, then you will have to adjust the overflow filler. You should start by checking the spacers on the liquid nozzles.

On the packaging line, a changeover occurs from container to container. If the containers are not being filled evenly, then the wrong liquid nozzle may be on the filling machine. You will need to change the nozzles if you experience this problem.

Too Much Foam

Filling machines are used to fill products that contain foam. The overflow filler must carry our two jobs for foam products. It must control the foam while filling the container to the correct level. Packagers may have problems with foam remaining in the container after the fill cycle has completed.

You may have to increase the fill time to allow the foam to overflow out of the container. If increasing the fill time does not correct the problem, then packagers will need to check the liquid nozzles.

Head Dive Malfunctions

A head dive is part of the filling machine. It works like an arm. You can push a head dive down, make it dive and position it for the changeover among containers. Head dives are also controlled by wires. These wires can become disconnected or develop a leak. When this occurs, your head dive can malfunction.

Packaging and food companies need a system that works fast and produce accuracy. Contact us at Filling Equipment Co., Inc, at to get parts for your repair needs.

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5 Sep, 2019

Three Criteria for Finding the Perfect Water Bottler for Your Factory Line

Bottled water always moves from the store shelves to the consumers’ cupboards in large quantities — particularly when natural disasters occur. Therefore, a factory that is able to perform bottling tasks is fulfilling a high-demand industry. There are several water bottling machine manufacturers and models on the market. Here are three criteria for identifying the best one for your line.

Ruggedized Components Are King

Most factory lines will run their water bottling equipment to meet high throughput levels. The amount of product that gets off the line and out the door is vital, after all, when there is such a high demand for it. Therefore, having a machine that is both reliable and durable is vital. Equipment that incorporates cheap plastic parts is more likely to break down more often than one that uses stainless steel.

Know Your Needs

A fast machine that offers poor accuracy is a waste of your resources. Likewise, a machine with great accuracy that can only output half the units per hour you require is a source of frustration. When you know your needs, they will guide your selection process. Speed and accuracy are vital components, and you should not have to compromise on either of them.

Versatility is Crucial

Container volumes and auxiliary materials such as caps can vary from product to product. Identifying the water bottling equipment that has the greatest degree of versatility is key to having a flexible factory line. Today’s gallon containers might give way to smaller bottles next week, after all. The market is driven by several factors, and finding equipment that can roll with the punches is always the best value.

Investing in dependable water bottling equipment is the key to thriving in that lucrative market. Applying the above criteria to your decision will help your dedicate your resources wisely. Click here to learn more about Water Bottling Equipment.

9 Aug, 2019

Here Are a Few Reasons Why Your Company Would Need Filling Equipment

Filling equipment is needed for any business that makes liquid products that are transferred into bottles, cans, or canisters. A rotary filling machine uses a special wheel that will position each canister or bottle below the fill nozzle. These machines move your canisters or bottles down the line so that they can be capped or closed, and your staff can box everything easily.

How Large Are These Machines?

You can get rotary filling machines that will be just small enough for your winery or small distilling business. You might need to get a machine that will handle many thousands of fillings a day, or you could get a stand-alone unit that you can use in a room of your facility. These machines help you get your products ready for market very quickly, and the machines do not use much power because they have few moving parts.

How Do You Purchase Filling Machines?

Filling machines can be purchased online in a catalog that dramatically reduces prices for you. You should look at how big the machines are, how much they cost, and how many bottles they can fill in one day. Plus, you can use large machines to expand your business because you have many more orders to fill.


You can order parts for your machines at any time, and these parts are made in the same factory where the machines are built. You can use these parts to complete the repairs yourself, or you could buy the parts because you have a repairman coming to you. Plus, you could have a stash of parts held back so that your staff can access them at any time.

Contact us for more information about the and the parts we carry for it. Professionals are available to assist you in placing your first order for a machine that will help your business grow.

30 Apr, 2019

3 Reasons to Purchase a Capping Machine for Bottles

17314585 – water filling machine

The productivity that machines provide cannot be denied. Whether you own a manufacturing plant or you hire a plant to produce your products, when volume is important, this equipment make reaching quotas much easier. A Bottle Capping Machine, for example, adds caps to products at the same rate with the same force, every time. Since mass produced products are not supposed to be unique, you want to achieve uniformity.

Here are three reasons why you should consider purchasing a capping machine for bottles.

Mass Production

No matter how advanced machines and robots become, there is little doubt that human labor will become obsolete. For mass production purposes, however, it is worth employing the labor of this equipment instead of human. When humans have to perform repetitive tasks on a daily basis, they are more likely to get hurt. Humans also get tired, which lowers productivity. For mass production purposes, it is a good idea to program these large tools. Then, they simply need to be monitored to ensure there are no malfunctions. The rest of your human labor can then be redirected to more productive and profitable tasks.

Secures the Product

Those who engineer manufacturing machines put in a lot of time into researching and developing the ideal settings. Then, the machine is programmed. As long as it is maintained, it should not slow down or speed up. Every time, the equipment will secure the cap on a bottle with the same force and in the same spot.


When a Bottle Capping Machine is securing the caps on your bottles, it is doing so with uniformity. As mentioned earlier, mass produced products should be the same even though one is purchased on the east coast and another on the west. Programmed equipment is an easy way to achieve uniformity.

2 Apr, 2019

Dependable Filling Machines

Filling machines allow your company to fill products at a faster rate of speed. They also reduce messes, product loss and contamination. Our rotary filling machine may be exactly what you need when you need to expand production, order fulfillment and worker productivity. Our machines take up less space than linear machines, which may allow you to have more of them in the same amount of space.

Another advantage of our rotary machines for filling is that their controls are on the top. This means that you can make adjustments to the specifications without having to get in the splash zone. All of our products are manufactured from stainless steel, which ensures a long lifespan and durability. Stainless steel is also easy to keep clean. It resists rust and corrosion, which is critical if the liquids dispensed by the machine are acidic or alkaline.

When you choose our machines for rotary filling, you can pick from six available frame sizes. This allows you to get the right fit and capacity for your facility. With conveyors of 12 feet or more, you can get more products filled in less time. Our machines are safe to operate and maintain. All controls are computerized, and filling is automatic once you set the specifications. The color touchscreens make it easy to select the speed, fill level and other properties. With a variable speed drive, you can use this machine for different sizes and styles of containers.

Our rotary filling machine could make your business more efficient and productive. To learn more about our products and how they work, give us at Filling Equipment Co., Inc. a call today. You may also visit us online at for product specifications and additional details about how and what you can use them for in your facility.

1 Mar, 2019

Super Easy Ways To Learn Everything About WATER FILLING MACHINE

For those in the market for a water filling machine, there are a lot of factors deserving of consideration. It’s essential to learn about the equipment, specifications and capabilities to ensure you get the right make and model to meet your demands and needs. You want to learn as much as you can about these factors:

  • Fill Rate ( How many containers can I fill in a minute, hour or production shift?)
  • Fill Volume (Fill accuracy requirements are to be followed rigorously.)
  • Metering and Filling Systems (Your choice depends on variables, such as fill rates, accuracy requirements, fill volumes and product viscosity.)

Learning about these and other features are imperative to ultimately selecting the right water filling machine for your solution. What’s the easiest way to learn all the details? Here are a few ideas.

Online Videos

There are several sites that have videos of filling equipment and production lines available to watch. Vimeo and YouTube are probably the most popular. These let you see specific machinery performing different tasks so you can begin to learn more about what they can do and which one is best for your production line.

Specific Training

Suppliers often provide training videos or in-person training on new machinery. These experts come equipped with tons of essential information. In one session, your production line managers or supervisors can learn about a water filling machine and how it performs on the line. They are often available for questions later on, which provides an excellent resource.


Equipment manufacturers are another invaluable resource for production line managers, purchasing officials or other key employees who work directly with the equipment. Usually, they have a handbook loaded with all the information you need. The user’s handbook typically covers most of the necessary information and can be perused in one setting.

To learn more about water filling machines, contact us to discuss your needs.

19 Mar, 2018

High-Quality Cappers can Help Improve India’s Food Industry

In an article from FNB News, Union Territory administrator and Punjab governor Shivraj Patil said that the country’s food processing industry still has plenty of room for improvement. Despite the efforts of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the country’s food processing industry as a whole has still maintained a “half-hearted approach” towards improving production and revenue. As a result, the farmers receive an inadequate share of the profits from their produce, which is exactly one of Patil’s biggest issues with the industry.

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19 Mar, 2018

Water, Not Soda, Might be What Would be Running Through Liquid Fillers in the Future

Partly due to the growing prevalence of obesity in the country, Americans now seem to prefer bottled water over soda as their standard thirst-quencher. An article in the Bradenton Herald reports that the amount of soda being consumed in the United States today dropped by 17 percent, while bottled water consumption rose by 38 percent. These changing habits were also a result of recent legislations that ban the sale of soda and other sweet drinks in bars and restaurants in some places, such as New York City.

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