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1 Feb, 2022

Benefits Of Installing An Automatic Liquid Filling Machine In Your Facility

Filling liquids in bottles can be time-consuming and challenging. If you own a water production company, you know how hard it is to maintain liquid production. There are a lot of investments and problems, no matter the size of your company. However, you can install an automatic liquid machine to make the process easier. To help you decide why you should do it, here are some benefits.


You will produce liquids in different shapes and sizes of bottles or containers. The good thing is automatic liquid filling machines are made to handle a wide range of container sizes and shapes. In addition, most of these machines are multi-purpose and can fill both thin and thick liquids. So, if your company packages multiple products in different containers, the machine’s versatility will be very beneficial.

Consistency and Reliability

Hand filling bottles/containers can cause variance in the amount of the product in each bottle. However, using an automatic machine makes the process faster, allowing consistency and reliability. It doesn’t matter whether the filling is based on volume, weight, or other measurements. In addition, the machine also helps fill contrasting liquids in each bottle simultaneously.

Easy to Operate or Control

Setting up an automatic liquid filling machine can seem lengthy but very efficient when at work. Once set up, the machine only needs simple hand adjustment to change one bottle from another. In addition, these machines have touch screens for crucial settings such as speed, fill times, indexing times, and pumping speed. However, once done with the settings for the product, the operator will only need to recall everything from the screen for the same process.

High Production Speed

Automatic machines allow packagers to produce more than they would have through hand-filling products. It applies to all liquids, whether thin-flowing or high viscosity products like jelly or paste. These machines have about sixteen fill heads and multiple containers with each cycle. In addition, their inline systems can get to a speed of up to 120 bottles a minute, allowing the production of thousands of bottles in a day.

Easy to Upgrade

One of the major benefits is that the machine can grow with a packagers company. It means that you can increase the number of fill heads as demand goes up or if you add other liquids to the line. In addition, you can alter or change the machine and add parts such as nozzles, neck guides to help alter product lines. However, note that various machines have varying limits, and speed depends on container size, shape, and product.

The above are some of the benefits you get from automating your filling process. However, before buying these machines, know your packaging needs to pick one that suits your needs.

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