Filling Equipment’s Cappers

Filling Equipment’s Cappers

Reliable and Affordable Solution for Your Bottling and Capping Needs


Filling Equipment’s Cappers

Cappers are a big help to mass production; it automates capping bottles and jars faster than an assembly line of human hands at any given time. Their precision and rate of production is unmatched, giving bottlers and other factories the edge in meeting demands on time. Depending on the model of the machine, cappers can put caps on 200 jars or bottles a minute.

Filling Equipment Company, Inc. is among the leading manufacturers of capping machines in use in many factories today. For more than 50 years, we’ve brought quality workmanship in our capping machines and their accessories to great effect. There are many reasons why bottlers and other industries prefer our cappers. You can find out more about them below.

Cappers & Capping Machines

At Filling Equipment Company, Inc., we have one working philosophy for all transactions and that is to give “the best we have to offer at a reasonable price”. Since 1959, our filling and capping machines have been serving the needs of our clients from industries such as cosmetics, food processing, wine and beverage, and more. We provide guaranteed workmanship on all our equipment and offer solutions for your most challenging bottling needs.

Full Specifications
  • 4 Sets of Tightening Wheels, 3 Sets Torque Controlled
  • 2 Bottle Holding Belts
  • 4 Oz. to 1 Gallon, 1″ to 7″ Diameter Containers
  • Fully Adjustable Without Change Parts
  • Will Handle Most Caps with Bulk Feeder Orienter (Subject To Cap) 12MM To 120 MM
  • All Stainless Steel Frame and Conveyor (8 Ft. Long)
  • PLC Control with Color Touch Screen
  • Variable Speed Drive Motors
  • Pneumaticly Controlled Pivoting Action On Tightening Wheels Provide More Contact Between The Cap and Tightening Wheels

Our capping machines can surely handle any manufacturer’s filling demands, especially if your goal is to boost your profit margin through practical equipment, lower maintenance costs, and high efficiency operations. We, at Filling Equipment Company, are dedicated to providing you with machines that will offer the best possible combination of features for your exact budget.

Why Choose Our Cappers


Not all caps are the same across the board; they vary in size and shape depending on the container. Our capping units are fully adjustable and may not require change parts and can readily accommodate 4-oz. to 1-gallon containers. Built-in bulk feeder orienters accurately place most caps.


Quality cappers are expected to work fast without a compromise in quality. Variable speed drive motors and multiple sets of tightening wheels enable you to keep your packaging operation running as efficiently as possible.


Are tightening quills operate pneumatically and open and close around the cap to allow better tightening wheel to cap contact.

Robust Build

Our cappers are outfitted with an all-stainless steel frame. Stainless steel is widely used and known for its outstanding durability and resistance to rust, so it’s well-suited for cappers because they work with liquids all the time. As with all Filling Equipment Company products, workmanship on our capping machines is guaranteed.


Our quill type capping machines do not require specific chucks and other specialized bottle handling change parts for every available cap and container size. Hence, your total hardware costs are brought down to a minimum.

Full Automation

Technology catches up with our bottle filling machines for ease of use and efficiency. Each capper is equipped with PLCs and a color touch screen for easy control and automation.

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