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22 Jul, 2021

Do You Need a Bottle Capping Machine?

When you first begin production, you may not be using a bottle capping machine for your bottled products. Many small producers actually cap their bottles by hand. While this may work for extremely small production runs, it is a time waster that can compromise the quality of your products and customer satisfaction. If you are consistently packaging products, then you need a bottle capping machine.

A bottle capping machine does two things. First, it ensures that your products are capped appropriately, preserving product, preventing spills, and increasing customer satisfaction. Second, it ensures consistency in your packaging, so that your customer experience is uniform. Customers being able to rely on the fact that they will get a particular experience every time they use your products is one of the keys to business growth.

Capping machines come in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic varieties.

Automatic capping machines not only put caps on the bottles, but then seal the caps. They come in four basic types:

  • Spindle
  • Chuck
  • Snap

They can also be specially modified for your bottle type. You can adjust the torque of the cap and other sealing details using knobs or buttons on the outside of the machine.

Semi-automatic capping machines work much like automatic capping machines. However, instead of having the machine place the caps on the bottles, workers place the caps on the bottles before the bottle goes into the capping machine. They are more efficient than manual capping machines or hand-tightening caps, but much less efficient than automatic bottle cappers.

Manual capping machines do little to increase efficiency, because they are used individually on each bottle. However, using a manual capper can ensure consistency and reliability in your seals. A manual bottle capping machine is not ideal for industrial packaging purposes, but might offer the perfect solution for someone who bottles their own home brew or has another hobby that involves bottling.


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