Exceptional Automation for Hand Sanitizer Filling Equipment

With such an increase in the awareness of the necessity of hand sanitizer, you must find new ways to meet demands. Filling Equipment manufactures hand sanitizer filling equipment and machines for both gel-based and water-based hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial hand soaps. With options for full or semi-automated workflows, we assist production facilities with the right equipment for a range of filling needs.

The Most Extensive Range of Filling Equipment for Liquids of Any Viscosity

Our piston fillers can be used for gel-based hand sanitizers and soaps. Our equipment is manufactured to handle liquids of any viscosity. Water based hand sanitizers and soaps can use piston filling machines as well as other filling equipment. The team at Filling Equipment will work with you to determine the most optimal engineering for your specific applications so that you always have the right equipment for your specific requirements.

Maximum Accuracy with Capping Machine Integration

Our capping machines can also be used in the manufacturing process for a more convenient and time saving way to ensure fills with no mess. Enjoy a higher level of precision and speed when filling hand sanitizer and soap bottles no matter your capacity. Our capping machines are highly versatile and can be adjusted to suit many styles of bottle and cap combinations for your utmost convenience.

Learn More About Our Solutions Today

Increase production with precision and accuracy with the hand sanitizer filling and capping solutions offered by Filling Equipment. To learn more, call our team at (718)-445-2111.

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