Some Common Problems That Occur With Rotary Filling Machines

18 Oct, 2019

Some Common Problems That Occur With Rotary Filling Machines

Many packing and food companies sell their products in bulk. A rotary filling machine helps the companies carry out these processes. If the rotary filling machine malfunctions, then it can affect the accuracy of the company’s bulk packaging applications.

Uneven Fill Levels

An overflow filler is used to fill every container to the same level. If the fills are coming out uneven, then you will have to adjust the overflow filler. You should start by checking the spacers on the liquid nozzles.

On the packaging line, a changeover occurs from container to container. If the containers are not being filled evenly, then the wrong liquid nozzle may be on the filling machine. You will need to change the nozzles if you experience this problem.

Too Much Foam

Filling machines are used to fill products that contain foam. The overflow filler must carry our two jobs for foam products. It must control the foam while filling the container to the correct level. Packagers may have problems with foam remaining in the container after the fill cycle has completed.

You may have to increase the fill time to allow the foam to overflow out of the container. If increasing the fill time does not correct the problem, then packagers will need to check the liquid nozzles.

Head Dive Malfunctions

A head dive is part of the filling machine. It works like an arm. You can push a head dive down, make it dive and position it for the changeover among containers. Head dives are also controlled by wires. These wires can become disconnected or develop a leak. When this occurs, your head dive can malfunction.

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