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13 Aug, 2022

Why do You need To Upgrade To An Automatic Oil Filling And Capping Machine?

When starting oil production, you will use a manual filling and capping machine to minimize operating costs. However, as sales increases with demand, you will run out of the workforce. You, therefore, have to consider semi-automatic or automatic machines. You need to pick an automatic machine to do away with manual input completely. If you are outgrowing manual and semi-automatic filling machines, here are reasons to consider automatic oil filling and capping machines.

  1. Easy Integration

  2. Nearly all automatic oil fillers and cappers integrate well with existing packaging lines. The oil filling machine can roll up to the existing line and continue production when using power conveyors. The automatic capper can also be manufactured with its conveyor to automate a packaging line.

  3. Consistency, Security, and Reliability

  4. The repetitive actions of automatic oil filling and capping machines make it advantageous for most operations. Each bottle and cap is tightened equally, making the process consistent, reliable, and secure sealing. However, semi-automatic and manual capping that still needs human output can lead to inconsistencies.

  5. Faster Production

  6. Automatic cappers increase the number of bottles and containers sealed in the production line. Hand capping or semi-automatic capping takes time because operators must place the caps on the container before tightening. With automatic machines, the cap delivery systems make work easier for the operator to add bulk caps into a hopper periodically.

  7. Versatile Capping

  8. Almost all automatic fillers and cappers can handle various cap sizes and types. This can only happen with the right tightening principle. Spindle cappers can tighten the screw-on caps, and automatic cappers can tighten flat caps, sports caps, flip tops, and trigger sprayers. These machines only need minor adjustments to change from one size to another.

  9. Easy to Operate

  10. When using automatic oil filling machines, an operator’s only task is to re-supply bulk caps. The machine setup included bottle and cap combination adjustments to run efficiently. Most of these adjustments will be switching between heights for hand knobs for components like gripper belts, spindle wheels, conveyor rails, and many more.

  11. Smart Technology

  12. Automatic filling machines always run using the latest technology, making them smarter than other options. The interface can store critical data like bottle weight and average weight. It can also store standard deviation and export data to the excel file for quick reviews. This data can help in making better business decisions.

    Having automatic filling and capping machines improves your operations and makes your customers happy. In addition, having discipline in oil filling protects your business in many ways. That is why you need an automatic filler and capper that does not spill or splash your products.

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