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19 Mar, 2018

The Need for an Accurate Piston Filler to Produce your New Line of Cosmetics—for Men

If you are thinking of expanding your home-based line of cosmetics, here’s a thought: why not come up with a line for men? According to Alessandra Codinha, in an article for The Daily Beast, American consumers spent more than five billion dollars on men’s grooming products, with over half of this accounted for by skin care and cosmetics. The popularity of cosmetics for men is all part of the mating ritual; Codinha says that if human existence is about power and seduction, then why shouldn’t men utilize tools that will make them look more attractive, healthier, and generally successful?

Makeup for menCodinha says that online vendors as well as department store brands have reported surges in sales, thanks to men’s cosmetics, some of which is marketed to both genders with androgynous packaging. An expansion of your product line poses new challenges, not only in terms of design, but also in your packaging system as a whole. For instance, manually filling bottles may no longer be advisable. For this reason, it may be time to invest in a high-quality piston filler machine.

Piston filling machines are ideal for dispensing thick, sticky, and semi-fluid materials like face creams and other cosmetic products. The machine uses a piston to pull the high viscosity product into the cylinder and push it directly into the container. Companies like Filling Equipment Co., Inc. produce automatic piston machines to improve your production system.

When procuring an automatic piston filling machine, though, it’s important to ensure that the chosen apparatus is capable of dispensing accurately to avoid product wastage and financial loss. For example, if one container of facial cleanser for men should contain ten ounces of the product, but the machine dispenses ten and a half ounces each time, for every twenty bottles filled, you are actually losing an entire bottle’s worth of product.

A single container deficit may not sound like much, but expanding your line means producing thousands of bottles a day, which multiplies the total losses incurred in a single item a thousandfold. Opening your product line to a new market—in this instance men—doesn’t necessitate buying the most expensive machine. There are companies that produce reasonably priced filling machines with the capability of dispensing product accurately every time. It is advisable to test the machine for accuracy before you buy it, to avoid any regrets in the future.

Beauty and skin care are perhaps among the steadiest industry sectors you can get into. Since more men are using cosmetics, the market just got bigger. Now is the right time to expand your skincare line as well, which means investing in new technology to streamline production.

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