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19 Mar, 2018

The Need for an Efficient Rotary Filler to Fill Increased Demands for Bottled Drinks This

Last July 12, 2012, an article by W. Mark Dendy warned readers about the more intense heat waves that Americans were likely to experience that summer. Dendy reported that a day earlier, downtown Sacramento temperatures had already reached a scorching 105 degrees Farenheit; with an anticipated peak of 108 later in the day. To cope with these extremely high temperatures and prevent the risk of heat stroke, Dendy advised locals to increase their fluid intake.

Air ConditioningDendy stressed that it is important to drink more fluids regardless of one’s activity level. This is a valuable pointer to remember, especially for residents of heat wave-prone areas like LA, as well as the northeastern states such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Due to the higher-than-normal temperatures, there is likely to be an increased demand for bottled drinks. This is why manufacturers of such products would do well to have an advanced rotary filler to speed up production, while ensure precision and product safety.

In the article, Dendy emphasized that the recommended drinks to cope with the scorching heat should never contain alcohol. Although alcoholic beverages are often believed to be thirst quenchers, Dendy pointed out that they actually increase the risk of dehydration, as the body loses fluids in the process of expelling the alcohol. The same goes for drinks with excessive amounts of sugar.

That’s why there’s nothing like water to help beat the heat. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sufficient water is essential in maintaining body temperature, in lubricating and cushioning joints, and in protecting the spinal cord and other delicate tissues. Indeed, it’s healthy to drink plenty of water, not just during summer, but all year round.

Dendy also pointed out that when a person doesn’t get the proper amount of fluids, he is not able to perspire quickly enough to neutralize increased body heat, thereby causing his body temperature to rise even further. That in mind, bottled water companie had better expect a huge demand from consumers looking to prevent such a demise, making it advisable for manufacturers to increase their product output by purchasing a quality rotary filling machine like the ones offered by Filling Equipment Co., Inc.

Summer heat waves in many U.S. areas, including downtown Sacramento, as Dendy reported, pose real hazards to human health. One must remember to keep heat-related medical problems at bay by increasing fluid intake. As the demand for bottled water and hydration drinks increases, so should the product output of bottled drink manufacturers. Meeting this demand requires advanced technology such as top-quality rotary filling equipment.

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